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TaskBuster 1.261

TaskBuster 1.261

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TaskBuster Editor's Review

TaskBuster is an all in one password generator and manager, memo manager and backup utility.

Although the user interface reminded me of the long forgotten versions of Windows 95 and 98, the program does a pretty good job. When you run the program, you can choose one feature from the welcome screen. The features appear to be somehow scattered and it may be a bit difficult to learn how to work the program. Otherwise, the features and options are quite interesting.

The password generator has a very secure method of generating passwords. You can choose to create alphanumeric passwords based on special algorithms. The novelty is that once generated, the passwords will be copied to clipboard for one time use. They won't be stored in any files, but they will be re-generated each time you need to use them. So, based on the steps you complete when first generating a password, the same password will be generated over and over again. This way, there's no possibility to try and break into the password database, since there isn't any. Passwords can be also set to expire on a certain date, but no later than a year after their creation.

The memo creator and manager allows you to handle memos. Memos can be added and saved in a list. The program will automatically let you know when it's due time for a memo. After you've completed your tasks, you can mark the memo as 'Done'. The memos can be viewed and archived in case you need detailed activity reports. All data can be backed up on to a USB Flash pen drive.

Pluses: The password generation feature is excellent. The program can be secured with a master password to prevent it from being accessed by nosy persons. This application provides a very original password generation method which is safe from keyloggers or other tracking devices.

Drawbacks / flaws: The program is a little bit unstable; it crashed a couple of times when I tried to perform backups. It may also appear a little bit difficult to work with the program, therefore I advise you to carefully read the 'Help' files.

In conclusion: This is an interesting and useful program, but it definitely needs some improvement, especially when it comes to eye-candy and usability.

version reviewed: 1.252

TaskBuster Publisher's Description

TaskBuster makes the business of using and managing good strong passwords easy. Passwords are not stored, but generated each time you need them. Reproduced only on entry of your unique Pinkey, which itself is not stored, means very secure passwords. Memo Manager stores your reminders. Click on the TaskBuster icon to see the quick graphic summary of...

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